Gallery Tour

Seven years ago, art publisher Vivian Storms began visualizing the perfect stage for her gallery, picturing it as a place that would look crisp, contemporary and yet, somehow, comfortable. A space where private collectors would go to see works that celebrate medium, color and excellence in technique. The gallery, nestled in an unassuming office building in the heart of Santa Clarita, has become just that.

Nothing’s left to chance, from soaring ceilings to pedestals designed to highlight the intricate and detailed pieces of cold-glass sculptor Jack Storms. Carefully placed lights hit the surface of the glass and animate an orchestra of colors, making it easy to lose track of what is real and imagined. Jack’s creations, ranging from cubes to champagne bottles, are a powerful display of craftsmanship unlikely to escape the attention of art enthusiasts—or anyone who catches a glimpse.

The Storms Fine Art Gallery features the works of two other, equally proficient artists: New Zealand-based Michael Waysmith and LA-based Anja Van Herle. Michael brings a renewed energy to the genre of glass art—manipulating glass canes, arranging them into patterns and blowing them into vessels. The result? A collection of vases boasting a spectrum of colors, which the artist compares to musical notes in their composition. The walls of the gallery hold the paintings of Anja Van Herle, who examines the line between art and high fashion. Her large-scale depictions of women sporting lipstick, eyes framed by bubble-shaped shades bring back images of classic, iconic beauties like Audrey Hepburn. These works, paired with Jack’s and Michael’s opuses, leave you with a sense of wonder, a curiosity that’ll make you want, well—more.

But to truly understand the works showcased—to really, wholly be immersed in them—the Storms Fine Art Gallery offers private collectors a unique look into the artistic process. Situated between the studios of Jack Storms in Valencia and Anja Van Herle in Los Angeles, the gallery allows for a personal, intimate experience between the collectors and artists. With that in mind, it is safe to say the Storms Fine Arts Gallery, thanks to Vivian’s vision, has all the trappings of a contemporary-art haven.